Vision and Mission Statement


The Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF) is an organization which aims to:

  • Promote ideas of Islamic Reform (Islah) and Renewal (Tajdid) for a modern pluralistic world;
  • Revitalize the dynamism of Muslim intellectual discourse in Malaysia;
  • Contribute to the establishment of an inclusive and just Malaysian nation.

Mission Statement

Through our work, we hope to

  1. Offer Malaysia the best possible information on issues relevant to IRF’s vision.
  2. Provide the best analyses of policies towards the promotion of peace and harmony.
  3. Advance our understanding of a compassionate and democratic Islam.
  4. Maintain, nurture and expand our network of like minded individuals, corporate entities, NGOs, governments and other bodies towards ensuring the effective dissemination of our analyses and positions.
  5. Enhance intercultural understanding and foster civilizational dialogues in Malaysia and beyond.
Contact Us
Islamic Renaissance Front
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