Press Conference on Freedom of Expression
March 31, 2010

We, the Islamic Renaissance Front would like to reiterate the fact that human dignity is a fundamental issue in Islam. The Qur’an reads: “Now, indeed, We have conferred dignity on the children of Adam” [17:70].

All the children of Adam, whatever their race, ethnicity, gender, age, social status and beliefs may be; have been granted dignity by their Creator without any distinction. This human dignity must be secured and maintained by His guidance and laws through the Muslim authorities and should never be subjected to any kind of violation. Human dignity comprises the fulfillment of obligations as well as the security of rights. Thus the Qur’an uses the word “dignity” to underscore the corresponding human rights, freedom of expression and obligations, which should together be carried out to secure the human dignity. One should never assume in any way that Muslims who criticize an Islamic leader, party, government or even state have become an apostate or against Islam. Islam is a faith, not a mere political system, and it has won supporters and followers by exhortation and conviction through its civilization.

The message of Islam is always to convince and not to impose as enshrined eternally in the verse: “There shall be no coercion in matters of faith” [2:256].

Dr Ahmad Farouk Musa


Islamic Renaissance Front (IRF)

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