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BlackRock – No Compromise With Evil

June 24, 2024

Chandra Muzaffar || 24 June 2024   The International Movement for a Just World (JUST) empathizes with the concerns expressed by several NGOs and public figures in Malaysia over the involvement of the fund manager, BlackRock, in Malaysia’s infrastructure development. […]

Is Recognising Palestinian Sovereignty Enough, Or Just Empty Rhetoric?

May 16, 2024

Ebrahim Moosa || 16 May 2024   The United Nations General Assembly vote on Friday to support Palestine’s membership to the body was a well-meaning but rather symbolic event. To be fair, there will be some benefits, but will it […]

An Interview with the International Qur’an News Agency (IQNA), Islamic Republic of IRAN on US campus protest against Israel’s war in Gaza

May 15, 2024

15 May 2024   Prologue The protests against Israel’s assault and disproportionate war on Gaza started in April this year at Columbia University, an Ivy League university in New York. This protest has since swept college campuses nationwide, and thousands […]

Book Review of “Islam, Autoritarianisme dan Kemunduran Bangsa: Suatu Perbandingan Global dan Pensejarahan” A translation of “Islam, Authoritarianism, and Underdevelopment: A Global and Historical Comparison” by Ahmet T. Kuru

May 11, 2024

Ahmad Farouk Musa || 11 May 2024 Softcover: 381 pages Publisher: Islamic Renaissance Front Language: Malay ISBN: 978-967-26388-3-4 Product Dimensions: 6 X 9 X 1 Translator: Hasyir Mursyidi Husam Editor: Ahmad Farouk Musa   Published by Kajian Malaysia Vol. 42, […]

Why Were My Malaysia and Indonesia Visits Different?

May 1, 2024

Ahmet T. Kuru || 1 May 2024 I have been studying Islam and democracy for two decades as a professor in the United States. My initial research focused on the Middle East, especially Turkey, where I was born. Since the […]

The Iranian Response And Its Implications For The Middle East

April 17, 2024

Osman Softic || 17 April 2024 Iran unleashed several hundred kamikaze drones and cruise and ballistic missiles on April 13, 2024 in its military operation dubbed ‘truthful promise,’ striking at various military targets in Israel. The Iranians claim this first […]

Did Istanbul Elect Turkey’s New Leader?

April 4, 2024

Ahmet T. Kuru || April 4, 2024   The reelection of Istanbul’s mayor Ekrem Imamoglu on March 31 means much more than a municipal win. It has consolidated Imamoglu’s reputation as the only politician able to defeat President Recep Tayyip […]

Ibn Khallikan: Shaping Islamic History through the Lens of a Kurdish Scholar

March 18, 2024

Zhilwan Tahir || 18 March 2024 In the realm of Islamic history, several individuals emerge as notable for their significant influence and valuable achievements. Ibn Khallikan, a prominent Kurdish historian, stands out as a noteworthy character whose writings have had […]

The Philosophical Sufism of Harun Nasution: A Phenomenological-Historical Investigation of the Influence of Neo-Mu’tazilism – Part IV

March 13, 2024

Ahmad Farouk Musa & Piet Hizbullah Khaidir || 13 March 2024 Islamic Reformism via Neo-Mu’tazilism  Indeed, the main challenge confronting us today is the same one the past reformists faced: intellectual stagnation. As a result of the decline in rationalism […]

The Philosophical Sufism of Harun Nasution: A Phenomenological-Historical Investigation of the Influence of Neo-Mu’tazilism – Part III

March 11, 2024

Ahmad Farouk Musa & Piet Hizbullah Khaidir || 11 March 2024 Harun Nasution’s Sufism Does the rationality of Nasution’s Islamic thought prevent him from practicing sufism? When we examine the book Philosophy and Mysticism in Islam, sufi practices (also known […]

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